Fire destroys home in Fresno County

December 26, 2012 12:14:33 AM PST
A Christmas day fire left a person without a home in Fresno County. The flames broke out inside a home on Dickinson near Shaw, shortly before 11:00 Tuesday night.

Fresno fire officials say the one person who lived in the home reported the fire.

Authorities say when firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire was spreading through the house. But it was something inside the home, that made this fire so difficult to contain.

"The first arriving crews encountered popping and ammunition that was going off in the home," John Chew said. "The fire was a reasonable size and we could have made an aggressive attack but because of the nature we were presented with, we did more of a defensive attack."

No one was injured in the fire. Firefighters believe an unattended candle may have sparked the flames, but they're still investigating.