New Northwest Fresno gym opens doors

FRESNO, Calif.

Wednesday the new George Brown Sports Club off Herndon and Milburn opened its doors.

After months of anticipation, George Brown Sports Club opened its newest gym in Northwest Fresno.

Shortly after it opened at 6 a.m. dozens of people were ready to check out the new facility and have a great workout.

"Oh it's awesome, it's awesome. It's nice having something on this side of town like this," Miguel Piedra of Fresno said.

It took construction crews about nine months to build the 45-thousand square foot facility, which is one of the largest GB3 clubs.

Managers also hired 30 people to staff the facility. Nearby residents say they've been eagerly awaiting the gym's opening.

"There was such a big, big demand for it on this side of town. Especially with the population really increasing on the other side of the 99, the surrounding cities like Madera, Firebaugh, Kerman, all these places that are close to the 99. It's going to service so many people," Sean Clinton, GB3 general manager, said.

The location has a kids club on site so children can play while parents work out. The gym has more than 1100 pieces of equipment and a more spacious floor plan.

It also houses a swimming pool, aerobics room and an upper balcony workout space.

Another unique feature of this gym is that come mid to late January, it will be open 24 hours a day.

Many people say that will be a big plus for those who work at all hours of the day. Gym goers say the opening couldn't come at a better time.

"For one a new year's resolution to start getting in shape and because it's local and nearby and not too far away from home," Janet Covarrubia of Fresno said.

Residents say the convenience of the gym in their own backyard will be a wonderful kick start to the beginning of a healthy, new year.

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