Police uncover hashish operation in SE Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

After the location was secured, a search revealed a significant amount of marijuana being processed into hashish. Several stages of the manufacturing process were uncovered to include an end product in a strainer designed to catch the illegal substance. The estimated amount of marijuana recovered was in excess of ten pounds. At the time the search warrant was executed Daniel Wineland was not present and Fresno PD Officers are actively looking to apprehend this individual.

Wineland is wanted on a laundry list of narcotic related charges to include, possession of hash, possession of hash for sale and the manufacturing of said substance. In addition to the narcotic related charges, Wineland is wanted for grand theft and elder abuse.

Citizens are urged to call Fresno PD if they know the whereabouts of Wineland. They may also remain anonymous by calling 498 STOP.

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