Sweet bread used to celebrate Three Kings Day

January 5, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
Many Catholics here in the Valley are preparing for Three Kings Day tomorrow by ordering some popular sweet bread.

Rosca De Reyes is a traditional Mexican sweet bread baked in a circle to represent the crown of Jesus. Three figurines are baked inside the bread to symbolize the three wise men.

When the bread is divided up, anyone who gets a piece with one of the three kings in it has to organize a party on February 2nd for everyone else.

Workers at Vista Hermosa said sometimes people ask for more figurines to be baked in the bread. "Some people come in they want 8 or 9 of them because they want more people to share in, but usually its only three because it was the three wise men," said Alex Cervantes.

Cervantes says their bakery makes about three to four hundred orders of the bread every year -- and they always sell out.