Sheriff Margaret Mims addresses gun control

FRESNO, Calif.

Sheriff Margaret Mims says there's been a steady increase in concealed carry licenses, ever since the President's re-election in November. In order to handle the demand, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office will now feature online applications on it's website. However, local gun dealers can't keep up with the demand.

Jacob Belemjian says there's a substantial weapons shortage. He manages "The Firing Line" indoor shooting range and gun store in Clovis. He told Action News, "There is not a firearm to be ordered in the distributors are out, the manufacturers are out and they're making guns as fast as they can but customers came in and bought everything that was available to be bought." He also says customers are hoarding ammunition, even buying things they don't need, out of political fear. "People are freaked out that Washington and state government will allow, ban or confiscate... some of their freedoms will be taken away."

Belemjian says a majority of the buyers are first time gun owners, or people who haven't bought weapons in a long time. The President's proposal includes a ban on assault weapons, capping magazine clip capacity, orders to make more federal data available for background checks, and bringing back government research for gun violence.

Mims told Action News she will not enforce any gun control that she sees as unconstitutional, and won't infringe upon the right to bear arms. It's a sentiment that Belemjian echoes. "We don't need any more laws. Laws only work on people who obey the law."

The Sheriff says she does support a few aspects of the President's proposal. She backs the added funding for local law enforcement, especially in schools.

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