5 Things you need to know before you go

FRESNO, Calif.

1. Algeria hostage situation continues
Conflicting reports from Algeria on the hostage situation. Algerian state TV says negotiations continue over 60 hostages still held at a national gas plant. The suspects want to trade 2 American hostages for jailed militants. There are other reports that several freed hostages, including Americans are on their way home.

2. Lance Armstrong admits to doping
Lance Armstrong's confession interview with Oprah Winfrey continues tonight on her "OWN" network. Armstrong admitted to doping during all of his 7 wins in the Tour de France and said he regrets coming back to cycling after beating cancer.

3. Nationwide flu epidemic hits California
According to state health officials, the flu strain that has sickened millions across the country and besieged emergency room has now made its way to California. So far, there have been five flu related deaths including two from the valley

4. Fresno trash battle
The Mayor's plan to privatize garbage could go to the trash today. Labor groups expected to present enough signatures today to force the issue before the voters. The mayor says outsourcing garbage saves the city millions. Opponents say the move will cost hundreds of city jobs and doesn't guarantee service or stable rates.

5. Reading with Marvel Comics Book Drive
We're in the middle of our "Reading with Marvel Comics Book Drive." You can donate new books and drop them off at the Fresno County Sheriff's Sub Station on Shields near Clovis until 7 tonight.

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