Veteran's home in Fresno receives funding to officially open this fall

January 22, 2013 12:03:27 AM PST
A small staff is gearing up to start hiring the hundreds of people who will soon work there.

It is a beautiful building, a fitting tribute to the veterans who will call this place home. It's taken almost 13 years to get it built and secure the funding to open.

Assistant Administrator Nezzera Tackett said they are busy preparing to hire people to work there with an upcoming job fair, expected to draw a huge number of applicants.

"We've had a numerous amount of phone calls already," Nezzera said. "I am expecting a very high turnout for the job fair."

Some, like 21-year-old Efren Sanchez isn't waiting for the job fair. He showed up today dressed to impress and was lucky enough to meet one of the bosses.

Sanchez will graduate next month from a technical college and says he just wants to get his foot in the door.

"If you could get a job here I'm pretty sure it could be secure, that's a big thing for me job security," Sanchez said.

The veteran's home located at California and Marks in Southwest Fresno is looking to hire between 70 and 100 employees and hundreds more over the next six months.

"We will have an accounting department, a medical records, medical billing, warehouse, stock clerks, food services; we are going to need an enormous number of food service personnel," Nezzera said.

All of these positions are civil service jobs and Personnel Director Donna Corkill says people need to be aware that there is a process to applying for a state job. 99 percent of the positions require that you take an examination.

Some tests are written, some oral and some based on your experience. Filling out a state application and taking the exam are the first steps to getting the job.

"Don't be impatient; the process does take a little bit of time to make sure it's fair and legal for everyone," Corkill said.

On the day of the job fair they will run at least four workshops to help guide people through the employment maze.

"If people have perseverance and patience it can pay off," Nezzera said. "They could get a job at this beautiful veterans home and not only be gainfully employed but to serve veterans at the same time."

You can start the process by filling out an application at the Cal Jobs website or you can bring your application to the job fair and get help filling it out. You can also pick up applications at any state office.

The administrator says there will be no on-site hiring on Wednesday and she says she has had people calling saying they are going to show up early to get a place in line, which is not necessary.