FUSD plans to change its school boundaries

FRESNO, Calif.

The changes could potentially impact 1,300 students in 34 schools next year - most of them elementary school campuses.

Fresno Unified School Board met for the first time in a workshop Wednesday afternoon to discuss ways to ease overcrowding, create a clear and predictable pathway from elementary to middle to high school and build a stronger support system to encourage students to stay in school and on track to graduate.

Karin Temple stated, "We do have situations right now, for example, where one high school has students from five different middle schools, or one middle school might split and go to four different high schools and that's not the best way to strengthen communities and to build that articulation of athletics, arts and academics through the K-12 system."

The changes are part of Phase Two of the District's facilities master plan. This year the focus was on Bullard, Fresno and Hoover High Schools where changes were made to help balance enrollment in all three areas.

Janet Ryan commented, "I have to say the result, in the Hoover area, is that Hoover is much more cohesive."

Now the focus is on McLane, Roosevelt and Sunnyside areas where two boundaries could change to relieve high enrollment at Norseman Elementary and provide a school solution for the new Parc Grove Commons subdivision on First and Clinton where more than 150 students currently live.

This is the first preliminary recommendation to the board and then we're having community meetings at 18 elementary schools and then the board will have a chance to consider this at an evening meeting on Feb. 13th.

If you have an elementary, middle or high school student at the affected Fresno Unified Schools, you are encouraged to attend a community meeting in your area.

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