Fresno boxing gym makes a mark on the community

FRESNO, Calif.

Aleman himself has practiced what he's preached just by staying in business over the last half decade. Aleman's Boxing Gym is the oldest privately owned gym in Fresno.

"When I opened up, the others saw that i did it and the said hey we can do this too. So I'm proud of those guys too for opening up their boxing gyms," Aleman said.

Aleman's main mission is for locals to have a place to go to work out or to just stay out of trouble.

"I make sure the kids all have manners when they're here. Hopefully they take those out of the gym, and they watch their language and make sure they're respectful to others," Aleman said.

But the achievements of his boxers can't be ignored: Aleman fighters have won National Silver Gloves, National Junior Golden Gloves and US Junior Olympic titles.

"It makes me feel proud, Aleman said. "My ultimate goal is to get three kids in the Olympics." Aleman said. "I had one superstar kid and he was going to make it with anyone. And maybe two, but if I can get three there then maybe I'll feel like I knew something I was doing."

And even if the skill level isn't at an elite level Aleman knows his role in the community is an important one pointing to guys like Donaldo Berber.

The Mclane High School senior says his family is proud of him. The senior has lost more than 60 pounds within 9 months since he's joined the gym.

Aleman is hoping the next five years are even more successful than the first.

And he still has opening for those future Olympians.

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