Tower District receives new businesses

FRESNO, Calif.

Cuvee, a new wine and spirit lounge is opening in the Tower District. The owners here say they want to bring new business to the Tower District, and the local neighborhood and customers to know they'll be protected.

Kyal Hamilton says the main goal is to bring new people to the Tower District and remind people about the possibilities in Central Fresno.

Christy-Lynn Orozco of Neighborhood Watch said, "We have new businesses opening, so the tower's doing good."

For the past three months the neighborhood watch has gained steam-continued their round-the-clock patrols and continued making sure the people who come here and the people who live here stay safe.

"It's going great, we've recovered stolen cars, things we've called PD on, people lurking in shadows, checking car doors to see if they're locked, prostitution in vacant homes for rent or for sale," Orozco said.

She says they're driving the bad element out, making room for new businesses and new customers. They are hoping to add new members to their neighborhood watch.

"We're still a small dedicated group of people we're looking to get our next patrol training class, there's been some hold up there we've been waiting for that date since last year," Orozco said.

She's hoping that date will come soon so their group can continue their efforts.

Neighborhood watch is looking for new members.

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