Fresno Chaffee Zoo Orangutan predicts Super Bowl winner

FRESNO, Calif.

Today visitors watched as Saibu the orangutan made her pick between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

A specially decorated Super Bowl box with blankets from each team was put in her enclosure and when Siabu spotted it, she immediately went to check it out.

Lead mammal keeper Sarah Shearer said, "It's a lot like if you come home and there's a new box in your living room you'd be curious and you'd go straight to it and open it and find out what it is you'd kinda drop everything else and wonder what's in this box."

Siabu picked the 49ers to take the title this year.

This is the fourth year the zoo has had Siabu pick a Super Bowl winner and she's been right two thirds of the time in past years.

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