The calories behind the Super Bowl

FRESNO, Calif.

Americans will eat an estimated 30 million pounds of snacks during the big game, drink 50 million cases of beer, and chew on 1.2 billion chicken wings.

On average, that's about 3,000 calories for each of us.

But you can avoid pain at the gym later, with a little pre-game planning.

Nutritionist Paola Anchondo said, "Portion control would be the main thing to remember and one of the things to do is to substitute, say I'm going to have a hamburger. Instead of having it on white bread I'm going to have it on whole wheat bread. Instead of just chomping down on a ton of chips, give me some carrots, you still get that crunch."

Nutritionists say start the day with a healthy breakfast and eat high-fiber foods throughout the day, and fruits and veggies are always all-star selections on super Sunday.

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