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FRESNO, Calif.

Senators reach agreement on immigration reform
A group of eight bi-partisan senators are set to announce sweeping immigration reforms today. The move will affect more than 10-million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Authorities investigate 2 suspicious fires in Madera County
Cal Fire investigating two fires in Madera County within a few blocks of each other. Investigators found Johnny's Market on Road 29 in Madera County on fire. A car fire call also came in at the same time. Cal fire calls both fires suspicious. No one was hurt.

Streetlights will turn off in Fresno County community of Calwa
Calwa residents will learn tonight if the lights will stay on in their neighborhood or not. Earlier this year, residents voted against paying a $24-per-year fee to keep the lights on. Many are concerned without lights, crime will dramatically increase in the area.

Zacky Farms workers await their fate
Hundreds of nervous Zacky Farms workers in the Valley could learn today if they will lose their jobs. Zacky farms declared bankruptcy earlier this year and today a judge could approve a plan which calls for the sale to another company that already plans on eliminating all local jobs.

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2013: Full list of winners
The Screen Actors Guild Awards were last night and among the winners, Argo, Daniel Day Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence and ABC's hit sit-com Modern Family.

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