Tulare County community is still without drinking water

FRESNO, Calif.

Tulare County Environmental Health came out to test the water but they found it still had chlorine in it. Chlorine is used to disinfect the water. They'll be back Tuesday to see if they can take a water sample to test if it's safe to drink.

The community lost water last Tuesday after their back-up system started pumping sand instead of water. This is the third time west Goshen's water system has failed since August.

Peggy Negrete said, "We went from our pump broke down to our back up pump now our back up pump it's just ongoing."

Lucy Hernandez said, "We don't know the results yet they're supposed to be testing soon and we'll find out by the end of the week."

West Goshen water officials are looking for state and federal help to permanently fix their system.

In the video, Action News reporter Jessica Peres has complete coverage on the story.

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