Merced 49ers fan takes loyalty to new level

FRESNO, Calif.

Paul DiCicco has no idea how much money he's spent on 49er memorabilia over the years.

He says the figure would probably scare him.

All he knows is he is that close to adding to his championship collection.

Paul DiCicco's 49er room would bring Niner fans to tears. Signed prints and pictures of Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice fill the walls.

He's met his favorite players and has personalized signed photos but it doesn't stop there.

"I'm not a bigger fan than anybody else. I'm just a fanatic where I show it by collecting items," DiCicco said.

Inside his trophy case DiCicco has footballs signed by the players of all five 49er Super Bowl winning teams.

"I don't know how I'm gonna fit that sixth one in there. I'm getting a little cocky right now," said DiCicco.

The rare finds the result of winning bids at auctions and charity events. He also has signed footballs by each 49er Super Bowl MVP. He might have to move some items out.

DiCicco has so much memorabilia the signed Joe Montana and Jerry Rice jerseys stay in the closet because frames would take up too much wall space.

The collection of signed items started innocently enough.

"My wife, she bought me a signed Joe Montana helmet. I go wow, this is nice. Then all of sudden I bought a Jerry Rice one. Just the domino effect," said DiCicco.

A 49er table, loveseat and chair were quickly added.

One helmet obviously wasn't enough.

DiCicco says, "I have Ronnie Lott down here. Dwight Clark, the man who started it all in 82'."

This long-time Niner season ticket holder attended four of the five 49er Super Bowls but with a restaurant to run in Merced, Paul's staying home this time.

His restaurant even flies a 49er flag outside.

Paul has downsized his collection.

When he lived in Fresno he turned his two-car garage into a 49er shrine.

Many of those items are now in storage. He now only displays the signed items.

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