Theft at Kingsburg boutique captured on camera

FRESNO, Calif.

Kingsburg police hope surveillance camera video can help them track down the two suspects. They made off with some of the most expensive items in the store.

The boutique is full of trendy clothing items. "Rock Revival" and "Miss Me" jeans sell for anywhere from $85 to $159. About 20 pairs were stolen.

Surveillance cameras spotted a man and a woman walking into the store. Once the clerk stepped into a backroom, the two started helping themselves to merchandise.

The woman put a pair of jeans in her bag and then smiled at one camera. Store owner Janice Borba said, "Yeah she had a smirk on her face which makes you sick when you look it at like, I got this."

The two walked over to the table of expensive items and grabbed armfulls of jeans before they briskly walked out of the store. Borba added, "On the way out, picked up some belts and as they left the front door took some of the kids clothes. It makes me sick as a small town business. For anyone in business you try to work hard for your money and then someone just comes in and brazenly took them out like it was their merchandise."

But Kingsburg police chief Jeff Dunn said the video will help officers in their search of suspects. Dunn explained, "When you're in a small community video is just that much more important because if your suspects are locals there is a great possibility that either one of the officers or another business member in the community will recognize that photo."

Chief Dunn said the theft wasn't part of a growing trend. The crime rate in Kingsburg has actually dropped in recent months.

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