West Goshen water still not drinkable


The problem has persisted for more than a week now after a water pump in the town failed.

The water district is hoping the disinfectant put into the well system tonight will clear up the problem with bacteria for the next sample, which will be tested by the end of the week.

Chlorine is being poured into the West Goshen water well to kill bacteria found in a recent sample.

The water was tested by health officials earlier in the week and shows it is still unsafe to drink.

Peggy Negrete lives just next to the well system. She's happy water is flowing again but says even if it was safe she still can't drink it.

"I'm still getting sand in my water. I have to turn off my sink in the bathrooms. It's not running, they're plugged up with sand. It's hard, it's stressful," Negrete said.

For now, Negrete has her shower, toilet and sinks all turned off despite having to care for her husband.

Negrete says, "I have my husband that had back surgery, I got to keep the wound clean. And I can't do it here."

They just hope this grit will be washed away soon.

"The lines look real good. I didn't see any sand or sediment coming out of them," said Lance Love.

Love is a volunteer board member for the small 'West Goshen Mutual Water Company.'

He says if homeowners experience a problem with sand they are responsible for flushing the pipes on their property.

The West Goshen Water System is on a backup pump right now.

The well partially collapsed last week causing emergency water issues when sand and debris were sucked up and burned out the pumps.

That was the third pump failure since August.

The current fix comes with no guarantees.

"All we can do is be patient and hope we get through this, you know. It's hard, it's hard you know," Negrete said.

Board members are in the middle of applying for state and emergency funding to possibly connect with Cal Water, which supplies Visalia and Goshen homes.

Cal Water says that could be done in less than two weeks but it would cost more than a quarter of a million dollars.

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