Crows wreak havoc in Hanford


The crows come out at night, but even in the middle of the day you can see what they're leaving behind.

"I always know when dusk is coming because you'll start to hear them start squawking and the more people that go by, they get a little more agitated. They'll go a couple of feet away from them, lots of them at a time," said Paula Lehn, the C.E.O. of FAST Credit Union.

The countless crows are also creating quite a headache at Valley Ford, where they roost on the nearby power lines.

"We have to wash the cars constantly... It's so bad if you just go on a test drive, you can't see out of the windshield," said Valley Ford General Sales Manager Jim Maze.

Maze said the dealership has to wash cars on the frontlines daily and clean the sidewalks every other day. One employee even told us he's bringing extra shirts to work, just in case.

"We're walking around, showing cars, and we'll get it. In fact, my boss was getting ready to walk out and one got him the other day," said Maze.

Paula Lehn from FAST Credit Union addressed members of the Hanford City Council last week, asking the city to do something about the crows. The birds return every year but to this point, they've been forced out of some areas only to reappear in others.

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