Soldiers receive a warm welcome home

FRESNO, Calif.

A group of local veterans planned tonight's welcome home celebration for the 1072nd to show the returning soldiers how much they and the community appreciate their service.

With music dinner presentations and celebrations, the special guests of this special party say it's what they've been looking forward to.

Army National Guard Daniel McBride Sfc. said, "These people are like family they really are, if you were to get to know them you'd be able to rely on them, they're always there for you it's a great place."

McBride says the American Legion may as well be his second home. After 27 years in the military McBride has gotten used to going away and coming back, and readjusting to civilian life. When he's not serving-he's a letter carrier for the postal service. He admits-it's more than just a little different-from the military.

"Absolutely it is but I've been doing this a while but I've been doing the post office a while too so I play both roles," McBride said.

Sergeant First Class Ray Brusellas says he couldn't have completed his mission without relying on the support from his family back home.

Brusellas said, "Seeing my son get older, watching him grow and not being able to be a part of his life, it's something I can't get back, but I know I'm doing this for him, freedom isn't free."

Brusellas is looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

"I'm actually going to become a professional golfer, no I'm just playing," Brusellas said.

Brusellas admits he will golf a bit before going back to work. Brusellas and most everyone in the 1072nd say in each other they've found friends for life, and here at home they found a community that supports them.

"Thanks for the overall support of the military and our families while we're gone and we appreciate it and couldn't do it without you guys," Brusellas said.

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