Fresno holds a Gumbo Throw Down

February 2, 2013 10:49:31 PM PST
Mardi Gras is still a week away but some folks just couldn't wait to get in the Cajun spirit.

The Vineyard Farmer's Market hosted its 6th annual Gumbo Throw Down today in Northwest Fresno.

Five market chefs cooked up their best batch of gumbo and served samples to people who stopped by their booths.

Tasters voted for their favorite and a winner was announced in an award ceremony afterwards.

Organizers say the throw down is a great way to try something new. Felix Muzquiz of Vineyards Farmers Market said, "The gumbo is very complex in that it has so many different flavors and textures that are layered in there that it's just always so much fun to enjoy other people's gumbo."

The throw down was complete with Cajun music and Mardi Gras bead and mask sales.