Fatal head on collision near Visalia

FRESNO, Calif.

The collision happened around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning about five miles east of Visalia near Highway 216 and Road 152.

California Highway Patrol says the driver veered out of his lane and crashed into a truck.

They say the suspect had a number of passengers in his vehicle when he ran away from the scene. "It's a criminal case and it's going to be a felony hit and run and it will be pending either manslaughter or higher charges," said Officer David Gosvener.

Investigators say the driver of a Chevy Tahoe travelling eastbound on Highway 216 near road 152 veered out of his lane on Sunday morning and slammed head on into a white pickup – killing that driver.

Officers say the suspect then ran away but he was arrested a short time later. "We are not sure if alcohol is a factor in the collision and we are not sure why the person was on the wrong side of the road." said Gosvener.

Officers tell Action News eight people in the SUV were taken to a nearby hospital. They are being treated for minor to major injuries. CHP says it was foggy in the area at the time of the collision. Neighbors are calling the road a dangerous one, "You can't afford to take your eyes off the road, it's got too many curves," said Al Aguilar.

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