Fresno father gunned down at Super Bowl party

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say the suspects were looking for Silva's brother, when they fired several times at close range into his Central Fresno home.

Although the victim was seriously hurt, investigators believed his injuries were not life threatening. But, a decision Omar Silva made as he was being treated changed the outcome. His loved ones are dealing with how his final wishes left doctors with no choice but to let him die.

Silva's daughter found herself dodging bullets Sunday night and miraculously wasn't hit. But, her dad, who was next to her, was shot several times.

"They fired like 8 times, and he fell to the ground and told me to get down and I was ducking until the gunshots stop," said Silva.

Aside from watching the bullets go through the screen door and pierce her dad, Silva lives with another haunting memory. She is the only witness, who talked to the gunman seconds before he shot her dad.

"My dad was going to get ready to go to sleep and stuff and I heard a knock on the door and so I opened the door and it was this guy and then I turned on the light because it was dark and he was like yeah and I guess he was looking for the guy that broke up the fight," said Silva.

Fresno police say according to neighbors, Silva's brother was involved in a fight during the Super Bowl. Hours later, two people involved in the fight came back. But investigators say they targeted the wrong person.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "According to what we know, the suspect did not ask for the individual that he shot, but he asked for his brother to come to the door because he knew he was the one involved in the disturbance."

When Silva was taken to the hospital, he made a choice that prevented doctors from doing everything possible to keep him alive.

"When he got there, he was still coherent, and he was telling them I'm a Jehovah's Witness and I don't believe in blood transfusions, so he didn't want one if he needed one and he knew he needed one but he told them please don't give it to him so that was his wishes, so the doctor, he couldn't really do anything about it."

So Silva says she watched her dad go into a coma and then die. She was still trying to process everything she saw Monday and how it changed her life so suddenly. Silva says her dad was an iron worker who worked long hours to provide for her mother and their four children.

Police do have one good clue, cameras in the area did capture the suspects leaving the scene. So Monday night, they are working to identify them.

Investigators say the original fight was gang related.

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