Valley drivers keep close eye on rising gas prices

FRESNO, Calif.

According to, the average retail gasoline prices in Fresno have risen 13.8 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.91 per gallon.

No matter where you go in the Valley, filling up at the pump is getting more expensive.

"It was going down and then all of a sudden overnight it just went up," Alfred Lozano said. "It's just crazy."

Local drivers like Alfred Lozano say they've been keeping a close eye on their wallets as gas prices hover around $4.00 a gallon.

"At one time it was $10 and now it's $20," Lozano said. "It's $20 a day for gas to come down everyday."

Local companies who rely on gas to fuel their business are struggling with the rising gas prices. Although gas prices have gone up across the country, here on the West Coast, we're really feeling the pain at the pump.

Gregg Laskoski, Senior Petroleum Analyst for said, "That is almost double the price increase across the country. Reason is because California refineries are underperforming."

The productions problems at California refineries are forcing families to get a little more creative on their road trips.

"That's crazy," Delia Salgado said. "I know it's almost $4 now. It's outrageous. So it is cheaper for me coming this way on a train instead of traveling in a car."

Salgado and her son Xavier rode the rails back home Monday morning. Train passengers say taking the train saves them money and headaches.

"About $20-25 dollars," Selena Alvarez said. "With gas I might have paid 35, plus like I said the wear and tear on the vehicle. I liked it and I don't have to worry about changing lanes."

And says gas prices should stabilize right around May, right before the usual spike around Memorial Day. Something we won't want to forget when budgeting our future road trips.

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