Hung jury in the federal excessive force trial of 4 Fresno police officers

February 9, 2013 12:55:06 AM PST
A jury told a federal judge today it's deadlocked in the excessive force case against four current and former Fresno Police officers.

The jury foreman said the group voted 9 to 3 to acquit the officers on all charges. Defense attorneys tell action news the officers are drained from the month-long court battle and the prospect of a retrial.

Ultimately, some jurors who talked with attorneys after court felt the government did not meet their burden of proof. The defendants left court without commenting. All four officers were accused of falsifying police reports to conceal what happened during the arrest of a domestic violence suspect.

Officers Chris Coleman and Paul Van Dalen were also accused of excessive force.

US attorneys did not comment but said it remains unclear whether the case will be retried.