Vigil held for man killed on Super Bowl Sunday

FRESNO, Calif.

Family members held a vigil to remember 33-year-old Robert Briseno. He died on Super Bowl Sunday -- after police say he tried to stop a car break-in. The family says Briseno was just trying to do the right thing.

Tomorrow marks one week since his murder, and they are heartbroken his killers have not been caught. As the sun set on another day without their loved one his family paused to pray and comfort each other. They're hoping the two people who attacked and killed Robert "Bobby" Briseno will soon be caught.

Bobby's uncle, Jason Trevino said, "Trying to reach out to the community because we have this flyer right here. We're passing them out to the neighborhood. Hopefully we can get the guy who did this cause he didn't deserve what he got. He was just trying to help out the community."

His memorial site is just down the road from where the shooting occurred, Super Bowl Sunday. Fresno Police say Bobby spotted someone breaking into a friend's car and stepped in to stop the crooks.

"He was always that way. He helped no matter who it was, it didn't matter who you were or whatever. He was always trying to help out, that's what he was all about," Trevino said.

Neighbors tell Action News after getting into a fight with the suspects Bobby ran to the car owner's house. When he went back outside moments later he was shot. Police say two or more suspects fired the deadly shots.

Now detectives are searching for those suspects who they believe are gang members. The flyers that are being posted around the neighborhood explain what happened to Bobby. Despite the small group that showed up for the vigil, Bobby's cousin says a lot of people are hurting right now.

Bobby's family says he leaves behind two young children. Bobby's death marks the city's fifth homicide this year.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Fresno Police.

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