Elmo the pit-bull puppy finds a new home

FRESNO, Calif.

Over the past few weeks Elmo has received some TLC from Valley vets, and from the community. Cats may have nine lives, but this dog is getting at least one more chance. The energetic puppy we see here is nothing like the sick, hairless mite infested pup we met just three weeks ago.

David Delgado, the man who found him tied to a fence described him on January 18th.

Delgado said, "It almost looked like he was in a fire or something, open sores everywhere."

But thanks to care received at Abby Pet Hospital, the dog then nicknamed "Elmo" is looking and acting a lot better. His sad story attracted a lot of attention, and got him a new owner.

Christiane Jeschien has given the pup a new home, and a new name, Dozer, short for bulldozer, because that's how he acted when he got to his new home.

Jeschien said from the time she saw his picture on the Facebook page, she instantly fell in love with him.

"He ran in the back yard he plowed down our other dog, he was bouncing off of things and biting, having a good time he was like a little bulldozer when he came to our house," Jeschien said.

While he appears to have made a fast recovery, "Dozer" needs continuing care and monitoring.

"His prognosis is guarded. The good news is he's getting bigger and his hair is growing back so he's healing but we're not sure how well he is going to resolve or if he's 100 percent out of the woods. We can't say that yet," Cecilia Wright of Abby Pet Hospital said.

But things are looking good for this lucky dog.

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