Details about a man shot and killed by Visalia police


/*Police Chief Colleen Mestas*/ says an officer shot at 22-year-old /*Armando Santibanez*/ while he was in his car, ultimately killing him during a traffic stop.

Officers say Santibanez was defiant and refused to comply with officer's demands. Investigators are looking into whether he may have fired a return round at officers.

Mestas says Santibanez had a lengthy criminal history for selling drugs. He was also facing a rape charge.

"Our officer shot five times at the suspect believing that at any time of the revving of this engine that was continual that the car was going to prevent him from living or other citizens," Mestas said.

Juan Colon, who was the neighbor said, "Besides the fact that he a different car like every couple week she had a different new car not just any car but you know besides that nothing"

Visalia police say Santibanez was driving a white BMW, which was rented from Hertz in Downtown Visalia.

Officers say even though he didn't have a driver's license, they believe Santibanez drove different cars while he was dealing drugs.

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