Valley man arrested twice in 2 weeks for child porn, abuse charges

FRESNO, Calif.

/*David Hume*/, 36, was arrested two weeks ago for trading child pornography. But, Thursday, he faced a judge on even more serious charges.

According to the criminal complaint, David Hume and the teen victim connected through personal ads on Craigslist. Court records show after a conversation on text messaging, the two met up and had sexual contact.

Hume lived in a two story unit at the Palm Lakes apartments. Two weeks ago federal and local investigators confronted him and searched his home, seizing his computer and phone. He was taken into custody for the internet crime. But, a closer look at his iPhone, turned up new and incriminating evidence.

Mike Prado said, "This investigation revealed that in addition to the online component, with the chats and conversations back and forth, that it then transitioned to a physical meeting."

Court records show Hume met the boy at a Selma park, then took him back to the Fresno area in his black Hummer.

On two occasions, the criminal complaint alleges he took the victim to a residence where he was sexually assaulted.

One of the locations was Hume's apartment. Thursday neighbors said the suspect lived in the complex for the last few years with his mom.

"They seemed like very nice people," Thomas Myers said. "She would speak to me when she would see me. But the young man. I would see him standing out here on the golf course speaking on a phone but never really, how are you this morning or anything, so I can't say I really know him that well."

Court paperwork shows Hume had a conversation on Skype where he stated he is interested in boys from 5 to 12 years old. He also said he had sexual relations with an 8-year-old boy. Those statements have investigators concerned.

Prado explained, "Our concern is that this is not a first time offense."

Thursday afternoon, Hume faced a judge for his initial appearance, but he did not enter a plea since his attorney wanted more time to talk with him and review the case.

If he is convicted on these charges, he faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison.

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