Truck crashes into Subway restaurant in Hanford

FRESNO, Calif.

Restaurant employees and the owner are trying to clean up the mess and secure the building. Nearly the entire wall of the Subway restaurant has been ripped off. Employees were cleaning up all of the broken glass inside and in the parking lot here.

Friday afternoon, crews were trying to tow this one-ton pick-up truck out of the building. Hanford police say at around 1:25 p.m., the driver had some sort of medical emergency as he was driving on Grangeville Boulevard, at which point the passenger tried to put the car in neutral, but instead accidentally put the car in reverse.

Inside the Subway, the destruction was in one of the worst locations it could have crashed-right where customers were waiting in line to have their sandwiches made. Six people were injured, four taken to a hospital in Fresno. Officials do not have their conditions at this time but everyone is expected to be okay. Many here were saying it's fortunate this did not happen just an hour prior, when the Subway was packed with people. Subway restaurant owner Beant Sandhu said, "Anything can happen so we are very, very fortunate what I've been told so far no serious injuries there customers and one employee taken to the hospital."

"Subway employee Jim Randall said, "I heard the screech I heard the crash and the screech and I turned, and out the corner of my eye and saw something coming at us and people were scared you know. Glass was flying everywhere, people on the floor trying to duck and we were just trying to get everybody out that's what we were trying to do because it was a mess."

The truck made it all the way inside the subway store, and crashed into the counter and where people usually wait in line.

The space here has been condemned because the truck knocked off one of the structural posts of the building. The owner said at least $15,000 in damage was the result and he expects to be closed for about a month as they work to repair everything.

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