Shaver Lake fatal hit-run suspect involved in another crash

FRESNO, Calif.

A CHP officer says Jaysen Wright, 30, was struck and killed by a drunk driver who left the scene.

A newspaper delivery man discovered the man's lifeless body. And not far away, officers found the car they believe was involved.

Investigators say the driver, Morgan Brown, 20, was involved in another crash three miles away after the fatal hit and run.

CHP officers are still trying to figure out exactly what time Jaysen Wright was hit. His wife got word Sunday afternoon but said she had a feeling something was wrong when she started calling his cell phone and he never answered.

Jaysen Wright's widow says her husband died at a time things were finally going good for them. Monday she tried to focus on staying strong for the couple's two boys.

"I'm trying to be positive, just think about the good things and remember him as a wonderful person," Jean Wright said. "We were at the best point of our life, he just turned 30 years old."

Jean Wright says Jaysen and his brother, left their Tollhouse home and headed for Shaver Lake Saturday night. But, Jaysen wanted to leave early and started walking home.

"They were all drinking beer at the bar and Jaysen wanted to go home and he just left," Jean Wright said. "That was his style, he just would leave. And he didn't get that far."

CHP officers aren't sure how fast Morgan Brown was going when her car hit Wright on Highway 168. But, two and a half miles later officers say she hit a highway marker, and several trees before her SUV overturned down a steep embankment.

According to a collision report, Brown managed to get out of her car and climb to the road four hours later. That's when CHP officers investigating Wright's death, showed up to this crash. Based on evidence collected from her car, the officer believed she was to blame for the fatal hit and run.

Family members hope investigators can track down where the 20 year old got the alcohol. They say, she too will have to live with her choice, that ended a life.

The victim's mother-in-law, Holly Sibley said, "It's a horrible thing, it's just a horrible thing. And just snatched a really good man. Just took him out."

Loved ones say Jaysen was an outdoorsman who loved to hunt and fish and hike. His mother in law says he was a stay at home dad who always had his boys in tow, together, they explored all mountain life had to offer.

The driver, Morgan Brown is facing several felony charges, including DUI causing death, hit and run and vehicular manslaughter.

Meanwhile, Jaysen's family is planning a car wash in Prather next weekend to help pay for burial costs.

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