The city of Reedley celebrates 100 years Monday

FRESNO, Calif.

"I like how it's pretty small because I can bike lots of places and I don't always have to drive and it feels nice and cozy and I like that feeling," said Heathcothe.

The feeling of living in a cozy city, steeped in history is something shared by others here. "Reedley tradition is very strong tradition and culture," said Stephanie Estrada.

On President's Day about a 100 people gathered near the place where the city officially started. In 1913 people in the town came to the Opera House to vote to incorporate Reedley.

On Monday police officers also got a special badge to mark the past 100 years. Local historian Gordon Oakley says in the early 1900s, the city was known as the wheat capital of the world.

People in the city visited the Reedley museum during the celebration. Many who come here say they do so to remember just how far their community has come.

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