Growers aren't too worried about rain

FRESNO, Calif.

Bright pink and white blossoms are beginning to pop in local orchards. The pretty colors help create the Valley's unique ag landscape.

But Fresno County Farm Bureau Executive Director Ryan Jacobsen says the fruit and nut bloom is in its early stages. "We are seeing some of early tree fruit varieties that are just beginning and some of very early almonds that are just starting the popping phase.

Jacobsen said with so few trees in blossom at this point the threatening skies won't pose too much of a problem. If a big storm hit in three weeks when the orchards were in full bloom then we could see some crop problems. "Number one, it's the rainfall that affects the petals and blossoms and can definitely knock them off the tree, and number two, if you get too cool temperatures the bees aren't flying."

A lot of trees still haven't pushed out their blossoms so the rain is actually a welcome sight for many farmers and growers. "We're severely deficient on rainfall and snow pack right now so every little storm is needed because that window is shrinking very quickly now between now and April 1st when we typically get most of our rain," said Jacobsen.

The timing is very good with so many tree buds yet to break.

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