Made in the Valley: Nestlé Häagen-Dazs

TULARE, Calif.

In 2012, Nestlé produced 6 million cases of bars and 14 million gallons of packaged ice cream. The bar lines can make 8,700 bars per hour and the high speed packaged line can make 11,400 pints per hour.

Nestlé receives around 100,000 pounds of chocolate a week for the bars and each month they use around 47,000lbs of cocoa in their Häagen-Dazs products.

In a month they will use around 220,000 pounds of strawberries and 26,000 pounds of vanilla. They receive approximatley 140,000 gallons of milk, use 48,000 pounds of eggs, and use 500,000 pounds of liquid sugar per week.

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