Thousands of spectators fill stands at Daytona 500

Fresno, Calif.

During the last lap of Saturday's nationwide race, Kyle Larson's car smashed into the safety fence sending debris flying into the stands. The force of the crash tossed a 25 pound tire ten rows up.

More than 30 people were hurt, although none had life threatening injuries. One man said he got hit by a part of an engine, and received a broken leg.

Terry Huckabee, brother of injured NASCAR fan said, "Stuff was flying everywhere it was like you was in a war zone I mean tires flying by smoke and parts and pieces."

Huckabee's brother is recovering after a three foot piece of metal hit him in the leg.

Today track officials reassured race-goers about their safety and gave them the option to change seats if they felt uneasy.

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