Tower: From neighborhood watch to business watch

FRESNO, Calif.

Dozens of business owners are working to start the Tower district business network.' The store owners say they want the tower to continue to be a safe place to shop and eat. A recent burglary at "Fame Boutique" has prompted the owners to band together quickly to create the safety group.

Sandy Rodriguez of the Fame Boutique said "I lost, you know, a lot of expensive bags that were in the window. Clothes, jewelry."

Linda Whisenant of Free Bird said, "As a group of businesses we want to be ready, be prepared and be able to look out for each other in a proactive manor so that whatever may come our way we are ready to handle."

Roughly 120 small businesses operate in the tower district. Right now the 'business watch' group is still organizing.

They're working with Fresno Police to train shop owners on various situations they may encounter.

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