Clovis Crossing boosting local economy


With nearly half a million square feet of space this shopping center will add plenty of shopping to Clovis.

Fran Blackney said, "We look at it as just the more the merrier, bringing more business to town."

Blackney of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce is expecting to attract shoppers from Clovis and the surrounding area.

"All those cars that drive to the foothills and drive right past Clovis they will pull off now and shop at our Home Goods, or Super Walmart instated of going out to River Park because that's the name of the game is sales tax revenue," added Blackney.

Clovis City Manager Rob Wooley is counting on that revenue and jobs to help his city.

Wooley explained, "With over a thousand jobs coming in to the community over a half a million additional sales tax dollars its nothing but good things happening."

The Dick's Sporting Goods store has been open for several months. The Petco store just opened and Home Goods and Walmart should open in about three weeks, but they've already hired some workers.

Jessica Phillips was happy she found a job at Home Goods. "I've been looking for a new job for a while and no one's hiring, and even retail jobs at the mall. Is just really slow there."

The shopping center did not get a warm welcome. Legal challenges, over traffic, noise and pollution delayed this development for ten years. But in the next month, the major stores will be open for business.

Wooley believes Clovis will benefit despite the increased competition for existing businesses.

"We really anticipate new money coming in," said Wooley. "The job opportunities will probably more than offset the negative impacts other businesses might experience."

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