Deadly dose of NyQuil? Fresno child death alcohol related

FRESNO, Calif.

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/*Jer'Myricle McLean*/ was found dead in her Northwest Fresno home on February 4th. Police initially thought she died of natural causes. Their perspective changed when investigators discovered toxic levels of alcohol in her system.

Family members told Action News on Tuesday night, that they'd heard about it being "a bad year" for the flu. They believe little Jer'Myricle died because she didn't get a flu shot. Police say her parents gave her NyQuil. Now detectives want to know how much.

Darling Burch said, "I'm certain she didn't think the NyQuil would do that to her child. She's not that kind of parent, she's not a negligent person." She's referring to her niece Sharee Polk. Polk called for help on February 4th when her daughter wouldn't wake up for school.

A neighbor told ABC30, she called 911 when she heard loud screams coming from the house next door. "They spent a lot of time on the child, but I couldn't get a pulse, the child had been gone a while, I tried to do CPR but the mother wouldn't let me take the child from her."

Police say the child had gone home early from school with flu like symptoms. The parents told police they gave her NyQuil. None of that seemed strange to officers, until the coroner's report came back.

Lt. Mark Salazar tells Action News, "The coroner's office conducted their investigation and concluded high level of alcohol in the girls system."

Little Jer'Myricle was one of five children. A star student who was awarded lunch with her principal at Slater Elementary school for her outstanding achievements.

Darling said the child was "a beautiful, inside and out little girl."

Police are talking to experts, interviewing the girls' family, and trying to figure out why the 6-year-olds life ended so quickly.

Family members tell us, there is no investigation to be had, "It's bad enough that the child is gone and the parents are suffering and then for you to dig something up-let the baby rest in peace."

The exact level of alcohol in Jer'Myricle's system is not being released at this time. We're told all four of Jer'Myricle's siblings are in protective custody.

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