Young Valley Catholics say farewell to Pope Benedict the 16th

FRESNO, Calif.

Antonia Cardinale, an Our Lady of Victory student said, "It's really big and I'm really honored to watch it."

Nearly 600 years have passed since a pope resigned. While these O.L.V students are only 11 and 12, they realize the significance of the day.

"When I have kids, they're going to ask me 'what happened when the pope retired?' And I watched this video," said Antonia Cardinale.

Just two weeks ago, Pope Benedict announced he was stepping down because of health reasons leaving many in shock.

Heather Vosburg, another Our Lady of Victory student said, "It's a really big deal. Like a lot of people were surprised. I was surprised when I heard it, I was like oh my gosh, he's not going to be pope anymore."

For teacher Bernadette Martin, who was raised catholic, she has only seen the church's leadership change when a pope passed away.

"My first thought was can he do that? I know that he has prayed a lot about it and he didn't make the decision lightly," said Mrs. Martin.

Mrs. Martin says with the change, many of the catholic faithful are turning to prayer and hoping who inspires this and future generations.

"I think someone who is like Pope Benedict, someone who is a strong speaker. When you speak it gets to the crowd and it's like amazing what you can do with your words," said student Antonia Cardinale.

Students at Our Lady of Victory say no matter what happens next, Pope Benedict the 16th's departure is a day they will never forget.

With Benedict's resignation official, cardinals can now elect a new pope.

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