Clovis man allegedly targets teens in phone sex crimes

FRESNO, Calif.

Detectives say he found his victims through Facebook. Cloaked with a fake name, and shielded behind the internet, Brandon Johns started talking to underage girls.

Janet Stoll-Lee said, "It seems he gets confidence on the Facebook. That's where he engages young women under the age of 18, they're all minors."

One of the victims went to Clovis Police, telling detectives that the conversation quickly moved from computer to cell phone. "At that point when the phone conversation starts he'll send a lewd picture over to the victims prior to phone sex happening."

Detectives believe Johns had no trouble getting personal information, and a lot of it, from the internet. "Where you live, all the kind of information that some people will post that makes them very vulnerable to this kind of scheme."

She reminds parents to counsel kids about the dangers of Facebook, social media, and private information, which can become public at the click of a mouse.

Detectives say they're worried about the many more victims whom they have yet to identify. A search of the suspect's cell phone revealed activity and phone calls to other potential victims. Police believe he targeted people in Clovis, Fresno and Madera.

They ask that you call Clovis police at 559-324-2414 if you believe you or someone you know, may be a victim in this case.

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