Sexually charged suspect on Clovis school campus

FRESNO, Calif.

"There are a million other places where he can be and he made the choice to be in an area where you have a lot of teenage girls," said Clovis parent Autumn Fay.

But despite a history of sexually charged acts, his time in custody lasted just a matter of hours.

36-year old Michael Anthony Wyatt was arrested Tuesday at Buchanan High School.

But he was out of jail early Wednesday morning.

He's already on parole for an assault conviction, and he's been arrested and released from the Fresno county jail 23 times in the last nine months.

His latest arrest came on Tuesday on the Buchanan Educational Center campus, in Veterans Stadium. In the middle of an otherwise peaceful day at Buchanan High School, this man made his way onto campus, uninvited.

Administrators say a campus monitor spotted Michael Anthony Wyatt and had him arrested, but his mere presence put a scare into hundreds of students and parents.

"Knowing that he's on that campus forced all those parents to have that conversation with their kids that 'You know, we talk about really bad people in the world. Well, now one of them is hanging out at your school,'" said Fay, whose three children attend school on the Buchanan Education Center campus.

Teachers and parents shared Wyatt's picture and quickly learned about his criminal history.

His 23 arrests since last June include one for sexual battery on a woman at this gas station in northwest Fresno.

Fresno police also arrested him for committing a lewd act in front of this central Fresno apartment complex. The sight of it scarred several parents and children, including Monica Garcia's family.

"It's really traumatizing," Garcia said. "It robs them from their innocence and that right there is precious for the kids."

After both arrests, Wyatt was jailed, but not for long. The convicted felon is on parole, and many of his arrests are parole violations.

But since the passage of the prison realignment bill, AB-109, Wyatt can't go back to prison just for violating parole.

The idea of the bill was to cut down on the state's prison population.

But the effects are now being felt on a school campus, where a man who might've been in prison two years ago is instead sending shivers up the spines of students and parents. "That's the really scary part is they're putting money and trying to save money over the safety of the community," Fay said.

At last check, Wyatt's been out of jail for three days and nobody's seen him back at Buchanan. Also at last check, there are at least 11 bills in the works right now to amend AB-109.

You can visit APS, (Advocates for Public Safety) here.

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