Habitat for Humanity; 2 Fresno families' new homes

FRESNO, Calif.

The organization dedicated the homes to the Her and Vang families Saturday. They are the 6th and 7th families in Fresno in the Long Cheng subdivision to receive a home from Habitat for Humanity.

The families helped build other homes in the community while waiting for theirs to be built.

Organizers say it's been a long but rewarding wait for the people involved.

Tony Miranda, Executive Director of Fresno County Habitat for Humanity said, "They were working on other homes for 12 weeks before their 5 month building project so they've been doing this for quite some time now so today is a very celebratory day for the families."

Habitat for Humanity will dedicate two more houses in the Long Cheng subdivision in a couple of weeks.

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