The fluctuation of gas prices in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

As we're seeing a downward trend, gas prices are set to increase by this summer. The average price of gas rose dramatically in the month of February to more than $4.20 a gallon.

But now with the start of a new month consumers are seeing gas prices plateau. According to, the average price of regular unleaded gas has dropped to $4.10, which is down two cents from Saturday. Analysts say prices will increase.

Prices already have some people changing their driving habits.

Ardi Moghaddasi from the Bay Area said, "It makes me go 60 or 65 on the freeway as opposed to doing 70. The slower I go the less gas it guzzles, little easier on the wallet."

This bay area resident took a road trip to the Sequoia National Park but says next time, he plants to stay local.

"Maybe something more local just because this thing guzzles a lot of gas and there's no way around it," Moghaddasi said.

And while we're seeing a downward trend the prices are about to go higher. Last week, the State Board of Equalization voted to increase the excise tax on gas by 3.5 cents a gallon.

This means if you gas up you will be paying 39.5 cents per gallon beginning July first.

"Increase the total gasoline tax that Californians pay that includes federal, state and local taxes. All told, it's going to amount to 70 point 6 cents per gallon, and that's going to put California at a top of a list it probably doesn't want to be number one on, and that's the state that has the highest gasoline taxes in the country," Moghaddasi said.

"That will definitely hit everybody, especially in the summer time when people want to go away. It's unfortunate but what can we do."

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