Brand new Clovis shopping center opens many doors

FRESNO, Calif.

Staff members at Home Goods say about 60 people were hired to work at the store.

Many who came to Clovis Crossing stopped by on Sunday to check out the new home furnishing store, "My wife and I we are going to praise God and give him glory but we are going to stop and shop on the way," said Brad DeFury.

Esther Carrillo and her daughter Patty left with their carts stuffed with merchandise. The family feels good about spending their dollars at any of the new stores. "I am amazed and I am glad. It's good for the economy," said Carrillo.

The shopping center is expected to create about one thousand new jobs. Clovis city councilmember, Nathan Magsig said the development will also pump money into the area. "When this whole shopping center came to Clovis there were estimates that this center could generate anywhere from half a million to one million dollars in new sales tax dollars for the city of Clovis," said Magsig.

Economists expect the new shopping center to boost consumer confidence.

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