Man high on meth makes it past security at LNAS


Geronimo Garza is in a Kings County jail after he ignored guards and sped through a security checkpoint at Lemoore Naval Air Station.

Officials at Lemoore Naval Air station say the safety of people on base was never at risk. Deputies say the suspect became angry when he was told he couldn't come onto the base.

Behind a stone wall is Lemoore Naval Air Station's security gate. People need a government ID, car insurance and willing to have their car searched to get through.

Early Saturday morning, base security was met with an unruly driver who didn't follow orders.

Melinda Larson said, "This individual rolled up to the base he didn't have the proper identification, we went to turn him around and instead he decided to take off onto the base."

Kings County Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said, "So typically what they do is they take a piece of property as collateral while you turn around to exit the base he threw his cell phone at the century and sped off into the housing area of the base."

Deputies say Geronimo Garza was high on meth. The car he was driving was later found abandoned in a residential area on the base.

Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said, "It sounds like his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend had actually rented the car and he took it without permission and then she reported it stolen."

Investigators couldn't find him on the base. Then, hours later, a farmer who has land just south of the base, called deputies saying Garza was on his property and acting bizarre.

Deputies say once at the Kings County jail, they discovered Garza was hiding methamphetamine on his body.

Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam explained, "It was packaged inside of a dollar bill."

Larson added, "We're reviewing our security procedures and making sure everything lines up and this won't happen again."

The suspect has been charged with stealing a car, trying to bring drugs into a jail and being under the influence of methamphetamine. He may also face federal charges from Lemoore Naval Air Station.

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