Fresno firefighter posts helmet-cam video of fire

This is helmet-cam video from Fresno Fire Department Engineer Adam Enns, as he battled the blaze at the Peachwood Village complex at Olive and Peach.

The video shows the flames pouring out of the buildings roof as it spread through the attic. Enns says he purchased the camera a few months ago, and says it give him and his crew the chance to go back, second-by-second to see what they did and what can be done better on the next call.

"It's a tool that we can use and we can go back and we can look at it more closely," said Adam Enns. "Video picks up things that normally your eyes won't capture because you got that adrenaline rolling so it's a good tool to go back and look at."

The Fresno Fire Department and the firefighters union say they are now looking at buying more of these helmet cams. They say they could be a powerful training tool for the department.

Enns says he posted the video on YouTube to help the public better understand what happens in fire.

If you'd like to watch the video, click here.

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