Fresno police arrest an "armed drug dealer" again

FRESNO, Calif.

It was a month long investigation- one that ended in police tricking /*Luis Canales*/ into a trap.

Investigators with the North Bureau Impact Team and the "MAGEC" anti-gang task force served a search warrant at a home off of North Angus and El Paso Street in Northeast Fresno.

Action News was the only television station present during the search. With the help of a drug dog, officers found steroids, pills, marijuana and hash inside the home. Sergeant Paul Cervantes says there were vials of "testosterone 200" and "stanozolol." Cervantes also said there was "meth in liquid solution, in syringes, ready for use."

Detectives say the suspect, Luis Canales has only been out of prison for a few months. They got a tip that he had weapons, and was selling drugs. Because he's known to be violent, this time around, they decided to set him up, by arranging a meeting with his probation officer.

Sergeant Cervantes said, "If we have an opportunity to resolve a situation in a safe manner without further endangering officers while executing a search warrant then we always take that option."

Canales was living with his mother, who didn't seem to know what was happening inside the home.

Detectives also found evidence of identity theft, and credit the citizens of Fresno - for tipping them off to what was happening in their neighborhood.

Sergeant Cervantes explained, "I believe the citizens of Fresno are tired. We have good honest people that live in and around these neighborhoods, we get tips on a consistent basis."

Police say this arrest means Canales violated his probation- which also means, he won't be bonding out of jail anytime soon.

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