Lion attack sparks Cal/OSHA investigation


Project Survival's Cat Haven has a restricted species permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which conducts inspections to make sure the enclosures are secure and the needs of the animal are being met. Inspectors last visited the facility in January of 2011. "We could have done an inspection on Monday, and unfortunately been the same. Again, it's the external... the making of the cage, access to water, is the cage big enough. Those kinds of things," said Captain Nathaniel Arnold.

Cat Haven also has an exhibitor's permit from the U.S.D.A. A spokesperson told Action News the facility has never penalized for non-compliance. Routine inspections from the last three years also show a clean record. "We will be looking into things just to make sure that there was no violation of the Animal Welfare Act that may have contributed to this incident," said Dave Sacks, a USDA spokesperson.

The worker safety part of the investigation falls with Cal-OSHA. We're told two inspectors from the agency were at the site Wednesday and are now reviewing the procedures in place to prevent injuries.

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