Valley bicyclists ride in tribute to Jim Healy

FRESNO, Calif.

55-year-old Jim Healy died on Tuesday in a crash near Auberry Road, north of Copper. Healy taught computer courses at Sunnyside High School.

Everyone who came to the memorial celebration at Sunnyside High School had their very own fond memories of Healy. "Every morning he would give us knuckle bumps and he never missed a day, he never missed one of us and his passion for his teaching is what inspired me to do my best, said Joshua Espinoza.

Others were grateful for his help on campus. "He was the guru of the school when it came to computers and internet," said teacher, Katie McQuone.

Members of the cycling community will also miss the father of three who was also a passionate rider. "He seemed like he was probably 22 years old when he was on his bike, he was always riding ahead and really working hard. He just had a good time when we were riding," said Raymond Tavares.

Raymond Tavares rode alongside Healy for years. On Saturday Tavares and the organizers of Fresno Bike Party hit southeast Fresno for one last 4 mile ride to pay tribute to him. "We know he is in heaven and we will see him there someday, in the meantime he is riding with angels," added Tavares.

The memorial ride gave those who loved him a chance to honor his memory. "Jim was one of the most kind and generous people that I have ever met," said Kim Bradley.

Counselors will be on hand in the coming weeks to help both students and teachers cope with the loss.

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