Vehicle collision at Clovis intersection kills one person

FRESNO, Calif.

The crash happened at Herndon and Fowler Avenues. Traffic was blocked in several directions for much of the evening. Police have not yet said who is at fault for the crash.

This wreckage had the major Clovis intersection blocked off for hours Saturday night. Police say the Jeep collided with the passenger side of the Lexus, killing the passenger in the sedan.

Sgt. Jim Koch of Clovis Police Department said, "When the first officers arrived on scene just moments after getting the call, it was determined that one of the occupants of one of the vehicles was gravely injured. During the attempts to resuscitate them, they were pronounced deceased at the scene."

One of the two cars was westbound on Herndon. The other vehicle was heading eastbound turning north onto Fowler Avenue. Police don't know which car was headed in which direction, so they brought in the accident reconstruction team to try to figure out which car caused the wreck, and if either driver was speeding.

That investigation caused other drivers to be diverted around the intersection. Fowler was closed to both north and southbound traffic. And westbound cars on Herndon were redirected around the intersection.

Jason Tatham of Clovis was part of that detour.

Tatham said, "It's a lot faster here, its 50 miles per hour and people are going anywhere between 50 and 60 on Herndon."

He says excessive speed is also a problem on Fowler where the road curves, just south of Herndon.

"If you're coming around there and you're moving at a good rate of speed, and you try to make it through that light you're already going 60 miles an hour," Tatham said.

Tatham was not surprised to see an accident here but he like many of the onlookers was saddened to hear a woman was killed. Police have not yet identified the woman who died.

The drivers of both cars were not seriously injured.

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