Kids help build their peers a new playground

FRESNO, Calif.

Today volunteers built a playground at a Fresno Rescue Mission property. It was funded by a group called "Kids on a Mission."

The group leader is just 12-years-old, and many of the other members are as young as 10. They raised $77,000 through lemonade stands, recycling, and making presentations at churches and businesses.

The playground is part of a facility called Rescue the Children, which serves women and their kids.

Deborah Torres of the Fresno Rescue Mission said, "Kids need to be kids. The more opportunities for them to be kids, the more normal their life becomes as their moms are turning their life around, so this kid's play structure is part of that."

Plans are also in the works to build an amphitheater, a garden, and more play structures on this property.

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